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The Gondek Family Purchases Rose's Berry Farm 2022!

We are excited about taking over Rose’s Berry Farm and continuing the tradition. We have been working on maintaining the crops and land since we took ownership in May of 2022. We wish Sandi the best in her retirement and can’t thank her enough in helping us with continuing the Rose family traditions. Pedro the farm manager has been extremely helpful with the transition. May of 2022, we took ownership of the Rose land on the corner of Matson hill and Foote road, we continue to have an agreement to close on the remaining three house parcels on the east side to total 24AC later in 2022.

The Gondek Family is proud to have made Roses pesticide and round up free. Pick your own berries is offered when in season. They hope to be able to run the farm as the Rose family did, but at this time the Town of Glastonbury has taken over their infrastructure needed to survive and thrive. The Gondek Family had plans to sell the development rights to the town so the remaining Roses land can be preserved forever. Any support would be appreciated moving forward, reach out to learn more and ask the town to support our goals to preserve this farm! The Gondek Family has been in town for 6 generations. They have a focus in sustainable farming, an inclusive community and farm education. They hope to partner with many of the farmers in the area to create a co-op where the community can support many local farmers in one spot. 


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