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They're Here!

Strawberry season is finally here! We are picking at our Hebron Ave. location only this year. Our hours are Mon-Fri 9-5:30 & Saturday and Sunday 9-4:30. The stand itself is open till 6 during the week and 5 on the weekends.

Were also trying something new this year. Instead of by the pound pricing we are offering two sizes of containers and charging for them up-front. This will help us streamline the picking operation since we only have one.

The quart container is $5 and holds about 1.75 to 2 lbs. You can get multiple quarts if you need more or go to our 8 quart container for $35 which hold about 12 lbs.

We know this will take some getting used to but we hope it will simplify picking for everyone.

Breakfast-with-a-View has also begun for the season. Every Sunday @ Matson Hill we offer breakfast 8-1. We do not accept reservations.

Hope to see you at either of our locations!

Happy June.

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