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Still betting on Max Verstappen

All or nothing! That is what Max Verstappen gave last Sunday in rainy Monaco. The driver drove aggressively and gave everything to take points in the Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, he had to pay for this with a crash. His spectacular victory in the Barcelona Grand Prix was not matched by the young driver, the race was won by Lewis Hamilton. He remained just ahead of Daniel Ricciardo in a fascinating duel.

Disappointing Grand Prix race

"Also to the team, this is very disappointing," Verstappen apologised. "It was wet and in turn three my wheels blocked. I ended up outside the ideal line and started sliding. After that I couldn't do anything."

Verstappen started from the Pit Lane on Sunday after his crash in qualifying. After seven laps, the road was cleared and a number of drivers quickly changed from rain tyres to intermediates. This quickly moved Verstappen up from 21st place to 12th after 13 laps. 22 laps later he crashed, at the time of his retirement the young driver was engaged in a magnificent overtaking manoeuvre. The Netherlands impressed again with his overtaking manoeuvres on the wet Monte Carlo street circuit. Unfortunately, this time it went wrong.

The only thing Max Verstappen was satisfied with after his race was the speed of his car. "The speed was good. It's a bit of a setback here, but in Canada we will go for it again." At the Canada GP, the young driver will have access to a new Renault engine. Then he can stunt again.

Max Verstappen again brilliant

Max Verstappen drove another brilliant race. He took risks but did not play it safe and want to take the win. The driver showed once again, that he has what it takes and is still competing with the big boys. Redbull Racing also praised the driver for his magnificent overtaking manoeuvres during the race.

Still betting on Max Verstappen

At Heel Holland Gokt we still have every confidence in our Max Verstappen. The young driver has stunted again, showing what he is capable of. Mad Max is not afraid of anyone, does not play it safe, drives with passion and goes for the title. We love that, Max still has our vote! At Betsson sports betting, you will receive 33x your stake back when Max manages to take the title. The betting for the Canadian Grand Prix on 10-12 June is not yet open. Keep an eye on the Casino Market blog, we will keep you updated on the latest news surrounding betting on Max Verstappen, stay tuned.

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