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Dog Breeds Recommended as ESAs for Seniors - 2022 Guide

Seeking animal support also known as esa letter for housing is preferred for patients with mental illnesses. Studies have shown that individuals who seek ESA as a remedial therapy for their psychological disturbance, observe speedy recovery compared to conventional treatment. Having an animal as their companion with the need to be taken care of, keeps these individuals mentally active and focused.

However, an important thing to keep in mind regarding ESA is that availing of this facility comes with great responsibility. You become responsible for the health and care of the animal under your guardianship. Therefore, ensuring that you are capable of keeping the animal safe and healthy is also critical. But on the plus side, ESA can be of great help in lowering the anxiety and depression levels of patients. ESA helps to pull themselves back to reality and elevates their interest in their daily routines.

To avail ESA patients, they need the approval of their concerned psychologist. An ESA Letter has to be signed and approved by your local mental health care practitioner. Once you initiate and get your ESA request approved, you can bring your animal home and have him under your care 24/7.

Out of preferred ESA, dogs without a doubt are the most famous animals adopted by patients. Especially, the species of hypoallergenic dogs are mostly preferred since they shed minimum hair. Choosing the species of dog that fully suits you is important. Especially for Senior citizens who have limited energy and attention capacity, choosing the right ESD (Emotional Support Dog) is critical.

Dogs who are smaller, pliant, and well-behaved go well with Seniors as emotional support animal letter since they demand less energy and are easy to be cared for. In the following section, we have narrowed-down some suitable dog breeds for Senior citizens as their ESA.

1) Shih Tzu

This dog type is popular among seniors since they are affectionate and humble dogs. They have small but sturdy bodies. They can go on long walks but get easily worn-out. Since they shed less hair, it is easy to brush their fur and keep them clear. However, one important thing that individuals with hypoallergenic species of the dog must be careful about is the infection less. Less shedding means that bacteria can easily accumulate on the skin and fur of these dogs. Using house remedies such as CBG and CBD oils can be convenient. But there is a never-ending debate on the effectiveness of CBG vs CBD. Studies have shown that CBG has more effective and long-term results compared to CBD.

2) Poodle

These tiny and adorable dogs are highly famous as ESA among seniors. Their small size combined with their affectionate personality followed by low shedding makes these dogs a perfect companion for Elderly citizens. They are clever yet cheerful animals that can prove to be an effective remedy for individuals fighting mental illnesses.

3) Chihuahua

Aligning with poodles in their cheerful and lively nature, Chihuahua is also an excellent companion for Seniors. They keep their owners on the move with their hyper and over-excited nature. It may be difficult to tame them but for people who are depressed, Chihuahuas are the most preferred companion.

4) Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier is also one of the preferred companions as ESA for elders. These dogs are well-mannered, easy to tame, and relaxed. They can act stubborn at times so must be controlled with strictness. Since they also require less grooming, it can help save seniors a lot of their energy and hard work.

5) Maltese

Maltese are gentle yet overly affectionate dog species. Despite their small bodies, they are highly adventurous and active. As an ESA, they will always keep their owner on the move. Since they are mostly white in color, their fur gets dirty easily which needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. They also shed less hair which adds to the qualities of Maltese as an ESA for seniors.

Along with these five highlighted species, many more preferred species can serve as excellent ESA for Seniors needing emotional support. It is all a matter of personal choice and needs which individuals must keep in focus before choosing their emotional support animal. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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